“I’d like to eat better but I don’t know where to begin.”

“I wish I had clear skin.”

“It seems as if I have no control over my sugar and carb cravings. They’re so hard to stay away from!”

“I’m tired of feeling crappy.”

“I feel bloated all the time and I don’t know what to do!”

“I wish I could feel and look lighter, healthier and energized.”

I’ve been in your shoes and like you, I felt confused, overwhelmed, discouraged and I struggled to find the right path to feeling in charge of my health and confident in my body.

For years, I thought feeling bloated, fatigued, not being able to control my cravings and constantly dealing with breakouts was normal.

Eventually, I became anemic, had problems managing my weight, felt bloated all the time, began suffering with insomnia, acne, constipation and extreme lack of energy.

Feeling so out of control didn’t allow me to be my best self. I was tired of feeling sick!

Unfortunately, we’re too busy with our routines, life demands, people’s expectations that we have disconnected from ourselves. We have forgotten that we’re our own healers. The body is always whispering what it needs, but often times we ignore that voice within.

Can you imagine how much your life could change if you decided to make yourself a priority?

I’m sure that by now you have noticed all those temporary fixes and diets to achieve your health goals aren’t getting you the results you really want.

If anything, all those failed attempts are sucking the life out of you, preventing you from shining your light and making you feel trapped in a body that doesn’t match your true self.

Here’s the truth you need to know:

You are designed to feel great all the time! Bloating, weight-problems, cravings, breakouts and lack of energy are just symptoms of your gut crying out for help. It’s a matter of reconnecting with yourself to start healing from within and enjoy permanent results.

By making PRACTICAL changes to your nutrition and mindset you can feel in charge of your HEALTH and CONFIDENT in your own body. 

I can’t stress this enough.

If you aren’t seeing the results you want from trying different diets, eating “superb” foods, reading endless articles trying to figure out the next best method, then trying the same approach over and over again expecting different results is not the answer.

If you want you to feel in charge of your health and body over the long term you must learn to heal from within and feed your body what it needs.

You’ve been dealing with all these symptoms for too long and it’s time to start a new chapter in your life in which you feel free, in control, vibrant and confident in your own skin!


The support, knowledge and empowerment you need to feel your best!

Vibrant From Within is a 6-week online program to help you make practical changes in your nutrition and mindset so you can feel in charge of your health and confident in your own body. 

You will be supported every step of the way by a passionate Nutritional Therapist and a community of motivated women.

During the 6 weeks we work together, you won’t just be taking notes. This is a unique “hands on, follow along” experience to help you heal your body from the inside out.

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and get a FREE guide to start healing your gut!

  • Learn to take control of your body
  • Better digestion (No more constipation or bloating)
  • Eliminate sugar/carb cravings
  • Clear and healthy skin
  • Enjoy long-lasting energy
  • Achieve healthy weight
  • Better mood
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Enjoy permanent results
  • Learn to make healthy-living fun and sustainable
  • Feel radiant, in control… feel vibrantly you!

Prep for Success

Let’s make this healing process fun, tasty and practical! This first week is meant to set the foundations and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed or confused. You will get mouth-watering recipes, grocery shopping lists, food tables and other tools to help you make this transition as easy and enjoyable as possible. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know you can bring your body back to balance and enjoy what you eat every day. I’ll be by your side guiding you, answering your questions and motivating you every step of the way. After this module you will feel a lot more comfortable diving into the program.

Detox Your Body & Mind

We’ll give the body a break from inflammatory foods to boost your healing powers. You’ll learn how to restore gut health to reduce bloating, alleviate constipation, feel energized, improve quality of sleep, achieve healthy weight, clear your skin and feel emotionally balanced. You will reconnect with your body and feel more confident taking charge of your health.  I’ll also show you how to make healing foods to allow your body to thrive!

Fats are your friends

Bye bye margarine, hello butter! If you suffer from fat-phobia, you’ll be cured after this week. You’ll learn how important fats are for hormonal balance, digestion, energy, skin – pretty much for the entire body. I’ll teach you what fats to implement, which ones belong in the trash, how to consume them, and show you there’s no reason to fear fats.

Control Your Cravings 

Sugars aren’t the boss of you! By this week, those persistent sugar and carb cravings will be part of the past or at least you’ll start feeling more in control. The purpose of this module is to show you how easy it’s to live without refined sugars and refined carbohydrates. You’ll become more aware of the great favor you’re doing to your body. You’ll also learn to use healthier substitutes as well as how to recognize hidden and fake sugars so you aren’t fooled by food labels.

Beyond Food 

What we put on the body is as important as what you put inside. This week is dedicated to bringing awareness to the products you use on the skin and at home. Harmful substances can have a tremendous impact on your hormonal and liver health. I will share practical information, skincare tips and tools to help you minimize toxin exposure.


Keeping Healthy Living Fun 

By the sixth week, you’ll be more connected with your body and feel confident taking charge of your health. You’ll experience how those practical changes in the previous weeks made a world of difference on they way you feel. You’ll be aware and mindful of your food choices to continue feeling your best. You’ll learn to find balance between enjoying a healthy lifestyle and social life so that you can feel in control of your body at all times and everywhere stress-free! The best part of Vibrant From Within is you’ll continue having my support for a lifetime.

Registration is currently closed.

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and get a FREE guide to start healing your gut!

  • You’ll get instant access to all the tools you need to start your health journey.
  • You’ll receive 24/7 support from yours truly and our Facebook community for members only
  • Practical nutrition guidelines (no nonsense diets, just real, nourishing and tasty foods!)
  • Lifetime access to material and online community (You’ll be supported as long as you need)
  • Easy, tasty and healthy weekly meal plans (Perfect for busy people who like to thrill their tastebuds)
  • Grocery shopping lists
  • Questionnaires to monitor progress
  • Healthy-living tools
  • Lots of love and support!

My day-job during these 6 weeks will be supporting you. I’ll keep office hours in our private Facebook group so that I can answer your questions and help all of you take your health to the next level!

Hi there! I’m Jeniffer Alburquerque, certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, author of “Healthy Gut Happy You” and creator of the blog Naked Flavors

After so many years of suffering with my health, I knew it was time to become my own rescue and take charge of my life.

Treating the root cause with real foods and self-love, helped me recover (and maintain) my physical and emotional well-being.

Today, I dedicate my life to helping women make practical changes in their nutrition and mindset, so they can feel in charge of their health and confident in their own body. 

I will guide, support and walk you through the exact system that allowed to me heal myself forever so you can start feeling vibrant every day!

“I have been suffering with acne going on 4 years now. It has been really hard on me. My doctor prescribed me with topical creams, special face washes, birth control, and antibiotics. None of these treatments worked and after so many failed attempts to heal my skin, I was told I was a candidate for Accutane. I was very depressed and felt very self-conscious. Jen has been working with me for 3 months now, and I can genuinely say that this is the best I have felt about myself in a really long time. My skin has improved tremendously.  My eating habits are a lot better and I believe that this has played a major role throughout this process. My energy level has increased, I do not feel fatigue or feel the urge to want to take naps throughout the day. What makes my journey so much easier is having Jen by my side to guide me through all these nutritional and lifestyle transitions. I am extremely thankful for all of Jen’s hard work!”

Melissa A. 

“I was having issues with constipation, dry skin, and sugar cravings.  I also felt sleepy, anxious, and fatigued most of the time, which negatively affected my quality of life.  Jen’s sincerity and desire to help others is evident, and her cooking recipes are delicious, so I decided to give the “Vibrant from Within” program a try. After 5 weeks in the program, my stomach issues are virtually non-existent.  I don’t get bloated or have gas anymore.  Most of my cravings are gone and I don’t feel fatigued.  My constipation symptoms are improving and I feel energized most of the time.  I also lost 7 pounds and 3 inches off my belly.  I can’t even describe how happy I am!!”

– Liza G. –

“Working alongside Jeniffer on my journey to a healthier lifestyle, was a pleasure! Her shared knowledge will allow me to continue to grow, stay curious and have a strong foundation for self-empowerment. I noticed weight loss right away and existing pain I had in some areas around my joints decreasing. With my skin, I did noticed improvements as I followed a natural diet approach and whenever I would stray and eat anything made with sugar, I would have a breakout the next morning. I definitely noticed an overall wellness feeling. I would say the biggest and most important improvement I had was AWARENESS. Being aware and mindful of the food choices I have to make each and every day to keep improving my health. “Vibrant From Within” is something we should all strive for!”

– Luz B. –

“Signing up for “Vibrant From Within” was one of the best decisions I could have made for my situation. I’m 41, I deal with adult acne and lots of digestive issues.  Applying what I’ve learned in this program has helped my skin and digestion so much. I feel a lot better than when I started!I’m really thankful for this experience because I know I can trust and use what I’ve learned from Jen. Thank you for all your continued support.”

– Christy N. –


Registration is currently closed.

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and get a FREE guide to start healing your gut!

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